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Laboucher’s Winning System – Make the Right Bet in Online Roulette!


Since the advent of roulette in the Middle Ages, players of different ages, castes, and strata have been trying to develop effective methods for winning. The British Henry Labouchere also suffered from this addiction. At that time, he was a reasonably well-known theater producer and a good writer and carried out political activities. The queen’s gambling connoisseur lived from 1831 to 1912.

Our experts became interested in the Laboucher Strategy, as they consider it one of the most effective in online roulette. Therefore, we will analyze all aspects of tactics using a real example to help players without experience figure it out faster. In the end, you can learn about the pros and cons of the betting system in casinos.

Table of contents

What is the Laboucher System in Casino Online?

When reviewing the Laboucher system, our experts noted that it is most suitable for even-money betting. We are talking about the need to bet on the following:

  • Even Odd
  • More/less
  • Red/black
  • 1-18/19-36

We strongly do not recommend testing this tactic on domestic bets. This approach carries significant risks of monetary loss because the numbers cannot be added up, and you will most likely lose your bankroll.

Laboucher Strategy in Action

We invite everyone to understand the Laboucher system in Australian casinos online because it requires serious concentration. Initially, select the amount of winnings you want to receive in the short term. For example, you select 30 Australian dollars. This amount needs to be divided into smaller amounts, which will become your bet size and create a certain sequence:

  • 1-2-5-10-5-7

Our experts want to clarify that when playing a roulette casino using this tactic, the size of future profits and the sequence of bets depends only on you.

So, first, you need to take the extreme numbers on the left and right and then add them. The amount received will become your bet for the next round. The experts will receive $8 on the starting spin in the example.

As soon as the bet wins, players must cross out the winning numbers from the sequence. This is done only in case of victory; for example, we have this:

  • 2-5-10-5

We also carry out the next step: 2+5=7 dollars. Players must repeat such actions until all the numbers are crossed out. This means you have achieved your intended winnings and can create a new sequence.

But we don’t cross out the numbers if the bet doesn’t work. Our next move is to add the number we just lost. We enter it on the right and add it to compensate for past costs. In our case, we will start from the beginning, where the bet did not work, and the sequence looked like this:

  • 1-2-5-10-5-7-8

In general, Laboucher strategy casino is based on this approach.

Pros and Cons of Laboucher Tactics

The experts of our site have compiled for you a list of points highlighting the positive and negative aspects of using tactics in roulette casino:

PROS icon

You can choose any sequence, depending on your bankroll

Tactics allow you to adjust the game time

In the process of using tactics, winning bets always exceed losing ones. The strategy is based on break-even but can bring a small income

One of the safest betting strategies

CONS icon

Relatively complex betting tactics for beginners

Requires maximum concentration

The sequence of numbers can expand significantly if you lose frequently

Instead of Conclusion

After conducting real-life practical research, we realized this betting strategy is more suitable for advanced users. The Laboucher tactics may seem confusing for beginners and lead to many mistakes. Therefore, we advise you to choose other options with more straightforward steps.

But any betting strategy does not mean a sure win. You need to consider the risk factors and randomness of the results in roulette. Play responsibly once you turn 21, and may Lady Luck smile!


Last update: January 31, 2024

Nancy Edith Gambling writer

Verified by: Robert Anderson

My name is Nancy Edith and I am a professional gambling writer. I recently joined the payidpokies.com team. I've been analyzing different gambling games for over 3 years, writing news and interviewing players to provide more coverage. I am glad to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with you under the guidance of Robert Anderson.

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Laboucher’s Winning System – Make the Right Bet in Online Roulette!


Since the advent of roulette in the Middle Ages, players of different ages, castes, and strata have been trying to develop effective methods for winning.

prepared by:


Nancy Edith